Good News For One WWE Midcarder; Bad News For Another, Original Survivor Series Plans For CM Punk & Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon Not Wrestlemania Ready, Injury Concerns With Yet Another Top WWE Star, Heyman's Future, Title Change Scrapped From This Week's

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CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

- We're told plans for a potential Dean Ambrose/Tyson Kidd feud recently came up. This bodes well for Kidd, working with a rising star, but not for Evan Bourne. Bourne has been cleared for months and as we reported here on Premium, there are no creative plans for him. At one point plans had Bourne forming a tag team with Kidd, which is a plan that has fallen by the wayside in recent months.

- The plan all along was for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to feud with The Wyatt Family as we reported in last week's Raw notes. The brawl to end this week's show was "just a tease" although there was also talk about making it an 8-man match at one point.

- People have been joking backstage that Vince McMahon is already in "full Wrestlemania mode" and isn't happy that he doesn't have one definitive match at this point. One observer noted that if it was up to Vince and there was no limits on money, possibility of injury or leaks, he would have the top 5 matches cemented for the show by Survivor Series.

- There was talk at one point they might have to replace Big Show in the WWE title match at Survivor Series because of injury concerns. That doesn't appear to be the case now but we're told he's been hurting.

- The open-ended Paul Heyman segment from this week's Monday Night Raw where they might have blown off the feud with CM Punk or started with Heyman getting new guys was exactly that. WWE keeping their options open if it will be Heyman or Vince McMahon revealed as "the devil," if they continue that angle.

- Dolph Ziggler was reportedly scheduled to beat Curtis Axel for the WWE Intercontinental Championship on this week's show, however, plans changed. My source isn't sure if there were actually plans to put the belt on Zigger or if he was was just led to believe that as a rib.

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