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Reigns Ready Or Not?, HHH Trying To Nix Gimmick, Neville’s Debut, Backstage News From Raw

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Minneapolis…

- There was criticism in regards to the booking of Roman Reigns, not putting him over clean to Big Show. While this week’s show was more or less throwaway, if they plan to build Reigns as a viable main event talent next year, that confidence needs to be shown in his matches on television. What’s more is there was chatter about his lack of reaction from the crowd. While supporters of Reigns will blame the placement of the bout, there are plenty wondering if he is ready. In fact, I heard someone say Reigns drew a “Batista reaction.”

- We’re told The Bunny gimmick is “all Vince McMahon” and that Triple H has been trying to get rid of it for weeks.

- There was plenty of curiosity as to why Paul Heyman wasn’t featured. While Brock Lesnar was never scheduled, the storyline flow of not following up on the alliance with Seth Rollins was criticized. Lesnar is on the books for Raw next week, however, it wasn’t mentioned on the broadcast.

- Adrian Neville is nearing a main roster call-up, however, I’m told most fans are not going to like his debut gimmick. One key source said, “just be ready” for it to be questioned by all.

- Rusev came out of Raw icing his back, which considering he’s not used to taking bumps, is not uncommon.

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