Why One WWE Producer Is Displeased With Reigns/Ambrose, RVD's Contract, New Program For Giants, Daniel Bryan Health Update, CM Punk's Expiration Date

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Montreal...

- One WWE producer was against the decision to keep Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose away from one another. Their logic was that while separating them gives the company the opportunity to push each in singles, it takes away from their momentum as allies. This same producer felt the audience would be more accepting of Reigns/Ambrose together, as opposed to apart.

- Speaking of Ambrose, I also heard there was plenty of head-scratching about him going under clean to Randy Orton.

- First Rob Van Dam then Chris Jericho. It's WWE's management of part-time talent to offset recent losses. If this week's job wasn't evident enough, RVD's latest part-time agreement is coming up.

- There are plans at some point to do Big Show vs. Rusev. Obviously SummerSlam is a possibility but there are those that want to delay it until later in the year.

- Daniel Bryan has not made a decision as to whether or not to have a second surgery. He's not any better from the on-screen update he gave last week.

- We're told CM Punk'sWWE contract is up on July 15, 2014. There is nothing further to report.

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