Backstage News On Big Title Win, Top WWE Star Punished At Raw, WWE Second Guessing Taking Daniel Bryan Out Of The Title Picture, Rib Played On Live TV, Injury Concerns

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Daniel Bryan

Backstage news and notes from this week's Raw in Nashville…

- Putting a secondary title on Big E Langston has been planned for a while, they just weren't sure whether it would be the Intercontinental Championship or United States Championship. The former was chosen with Curtis Axel not working out as expected and the fact the US title is seen as a good "accessory" for Dean Ambrose.

- Ryback once again has heat and we're told it's over his attitude on the recent overseas tour. Him being booked under to Big Show in a finish that he wanted to use in a match at Wrestlemania XXX on Raw was seen as punishment.

- WWE officials were starting to second guess the decision to take Daniel Bryan out of the hunt for the WWE title at Survivor Series. The feeling is Bryan helped some of the shows because he was challenging for the title, causing some of the "smarter" fans to buy them that ordinarily wouldn't.

- The AJ Lee vs. Vickie Guerrero match on Monday NIght Raw was a rib on her for her dietary habits. That is what was believed to be the cause of her fainting spell, as noted here on Premium.

- We're told Seth Rollins was nursing a sore knee at Raw but isn't expected to miss any time.

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