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Backstage News On WWE's Sin Cara Switch, Title Holder Injured, Gimmick Makeover Not Well Received, Huge Match Expected To Be Added To TLC, Criticism Of CM Punk/Daniel Bryan Booking & What's Next For Both, Rising WWE Star Gets Negative Marks For Work On Th

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Sin Cara

Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Oklahoma City...

- One of the bigger stories coming out of this week's show was Hunico back under the Sin Cara mask. This will most likely be the plan moving forward. Had WWE wanted to hide Hunico's identity as Cara they could have easily covered up his arm tattoo. The fact they made no effort to cover up the tattoo is indicative of where WWE stands on Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, formerly known as Mistico, and the original Cara. As we reported, Mistico wasn't at Raw and was actually eating dinner in Mexico when the match aired.

- Cody Rhodes suffered a minor arm injury but it wasn't said to be serious.

- We're told Wade Barrett's "Bad News Barrett" gimmick wasn't well-received backstage.

- There was talk of adding a 4-way Tag Team Championship Match to the WWE TLC lineup. As was evident with the booking of this week's show, Vince McMahon is back on his tag team kick.

- Booking on the fly has been thrown into plain sight yet again with the booking of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. One observer commented about how WWE "gutted" the long-term booking of their program, which originally had them feuding with The Wyatt Family and ultimately leading to a program between themselves. In a week, WWE has blown off Punk/The Wyatts and moved him to The Shield while also moving Bryan away from Punk and moving him to the Wyatt Family. The plan for CM Punk going forward is to possibly align him with other babyfaces to continue the program with The Shield. There has been talk about breaking up the Shield but many feel it's just way too early for that.

- The feeling backstage was that Big E Langston was uncomfortable on announce. The company did not want him to do his comedy commentator gig because WWE officials felt it would take away from his character and make him look like a joke.

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