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WM31 Bout Set, Plans For Royal Rumble, Ziggler Pushed Because Of Ryback?

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Tulsa…

- Starting with CM Punk, there was obviously a lot of chatter about the comments he made on Colt Cabana’s podcast. In summary, the main talking points reflected a feeling of “I’m glad someone said it” and further insight into Punk’s relationship with the WWE brass. Something we detailed in Punk’s latter days with WWE was a good relationship with Vince McMahon and a rocky relationship with Triple H. Remember, it was Vince that really wanted “cooler heads to prevail” and Hunter that wanted to move on. Obviously now, they’re moving on but never say never.

- As of now, it’s Sting vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 31. I don’t know the ripple effect this will have on the other main events but that’s one of the top matches as of December 3, 2014.

- I’m told Vince McMahon has already lost interest in The New Day. Yes, only a week in and Vince is said to be “over it.”

- Brock Lesnar was originally scheduled for Raw next week but as we reported here at, was pulled. This was done for a couple of reasons. One, they didn’t want to “waste a date” when he’s not scheduled to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and two, there’s been talk of using him at the pay-per-view itself. One idea pitched was to have Lesnar put Seth Rollins and John Cena through tables at TLC and set up a triple threat at Royal Rumble. A triple threat has been discussed on a number of occasions but remember it was just last week they had Rollins vs. Roman Reigns on the books. Regardless, Brock has dates left on his contract but they want him on TV a lot during the build to Wrestlemania.

- What will hang above the ring in the TLC match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt at the pay-per-view? Umm. That was the reaction to that bout being announced, with the sentiment the stipulation defies logic.

- Ryback’s stock is back on the decline, a source told Wrestling News World. The original plan was for The Big Guy to play the role of Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series and be the guy that fought off all three guys and help get the win for Team Cena. Apparently Ziggler was swapped for Ryback after Ryback had some stinkers in the ring leading up to the pay-per-view.

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