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Backstage “Rib” On WWE TV, Cena To Win Title Immediately?, Future Of WWE w/Vince Below 50%

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John Cena, John Felix Anthony Cena

- We’re told it was Shane McMahon’s idea to do the time machine segment with The New Day.

- Apparently all of the superkicks The Usos are doing are part of some type of rib on The Young Bucks.

- Eva Marie could end up with Dana now that Emma is out. The previously reported surgery was the worst case scenario, which unfortunately turned out to be a reality after an MRI.

- Jey Uso was favoring his shoulder backstage at Raw. It’s not believed to be anything serious but given his history, we wouldn’t be surprised if he's asked not to do anymore dives.

- There was talk this week of putting the WWE United States Championship back on John Cena when he comes back and reviving the Open Challenge again this summer. With his return happening on Memorial Day, the US title could very well be intertwined. Cena is currently not wanted in the stuff with AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, leading to The Club/The Shield. One observer believes the US title route will be a way to accomplish this in the short-term. In the long term, there has been talk of doing Cena vs. Reigns at Wrestlemania 33 next year, which would also benefit from current distance between the two for now.

- Optimism is not what I’m hearing regarding the repackaging of Primo and Epico. While I’m the first to tell people to be patient, the thought from those I’ve spoken with is they are just going to be cast into a team that can work but not much more.

- The news came out this week that Vince McMahon sold over two million shares of his stock in WWE, putting his ownership of WWE shares to 48.09%. This is the first time ever he hasn’t owned over 50% of the company. WWE released a statement, explaining the transaction is due to Vince setting up his estate. Vince is looking to make more personal investments, in what, we don’t know. One source believes it will be released some time in the near future that Shane McMahon increased his ownership in the company. Stephanie McMahon also sold a good amount of stock recently and while this all doesn’t mean much, there is enough stock out there for an outside investor to invest heavily into WWE. This also comes on the heels of UFC receiving a $4 billion evaluation. Vince is making sure if someone out there wants to own 10% or more, the shares are there for them to do it. Below is a fascinating/informative graphic from Twitter on ownership breakdown:

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