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Sting vs. Undertaker Still Possible For Wrestlemania 31 Next Year, Details On How Important It Was To Undertaker To "Pass The Torch," Backstage News On Sting's Reaction To The Streak Ending, Does Undertaker Have Past Regrets?

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As we reported earlier here on, Sting'sWWE contract has been "done for a while," so the fact it's actually signed, according to Dave Meltzer, is no surprise. We are told the contract is to work in the ring in addition to making appearances.

As for potential matches, we're told Sting was "caught off guard" by The Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar and was under the impression he would be wrestling him next year at Wrestlemania 31. He even stated publicly he only wants one more match and it's a match against Undertaker. He furthered the tease in an appearance at Wrestlecon in NOLA last weekend, where he said 31 was his new favorite number.

We're told there is still a chance of Undertaker working next year and if he does, he would be interested in a bout against Sting. However, as beat up as he is, he didn't want to be committed to having to wrestle next year and it was really important to him that he not retire with the streak in tact. Therefore, him losing the streak would have "no impact whatsoever" on whether the Sting match happens.

Our source says either Undertaker feels up to it next year or he doesn't, but now he won't be under the same pressure. Undertaker confided to a couple people that had he lost the streak last year, as bad as he was feeling, he probably wouldn't have wrestled this year, but he was determined to pass the torch and make sure he didn't have people putting him over all of those years without making sure someone would get the rub from the streak.

Undertaker also felt a lot of pressure to deliver "match of the year" kind of bouts, which he simply can't do anywhere.

So while Undertaker vs. Sting might be "up in the air" and it would be quite some time until Undertaker would even start to think about if he could do it, it's still a possibility for next year's show.

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