Backstage Update and Clarity on Current Broken Hardys Legal Situation

The Hardys Raw Tag Champs

This news comes from our very own Tom Fenton. You can visit him on Twitter @ThomasFentonWNW and me at @ZKrasney.

I want to clarify something that many have asked about or uniformly commented about. As around 2 weeks ago we posted WWE had reached an agreement for use of the Broken Hardys gimmick. Recently it was brought up that Anthem had applied for rights and trademarks on it.

This does not change the deal or terms in anyway! WWE used their legal power in the end before cutting the check and said they need paperwork for the intellectual property. Anthem then scrambled and applied for everything. This was a plan and a huge play by WWE the entire time, as now, if the rights are granted to Anthem then WWE cuts the check and it's over. If Anthem is not approved for rights, which is very possible, WWE pays them nothing and runs the gimmick. There are very few times in memory WWE's legal team gets it wrong or doesn't make a power play. Well, they ran their power play and it seems like it's a win for them.

Zack Reacts:This was a brilliant move by WWE's legal team. They offer a lump sum settlement so Anthem can't drag out the legal process, and because Anthem needs the money and knows they don't have much, if any, legal footing they agree. Then WWE says that Anthem only has to prove they have the trademarks, simple if they "owned" the gimmicks like they did. It'd be like if you call out of school/work because you were in the hospital, and then you have to provide a doctor's note. It's no problem if you're not lying. However, Anthem most likely has no legal footing here and so now they're scrambling to get their "doctor's note." However, it's very, VERY likely, in my opinion, that a judge won't grant the trademarks. WWE knew Anthem wouldn't be able to get them, but if they wanted the "easy" settlement money they had to try to get them. Hence, WWE got Anthem to speed up the legal process that they were initially going to drag out to prevent the Hardys from using the Broken gimmick. Not only did WWE find a way to speed up the legal process AND probably not have to pay them a dime, they got Anthem to do it themselves! Greed doesn't pay, folks.

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