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Backstage Update on the Status of the Hardy Boyz


As noted by many and confirmed by the Hardys their TNA contracts as officially up. They also stopped taking indy booking past April 30th, which is partly true. I say this because they are booked WrestleMania weekend to work at ROH Supercard of Honor and another weekend in April doing a promo event. With Easter being the 16th it is unlikley they will take a show that weekend. This leaves many to believe they are WWE bound after they finish their previous obligations. As previously reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld, WWE would be interested in bring back both Matt and Jeff. They would love to see if they could pull off the Broken Matt gimmick in WWE. WWE and Matt may have some back and forth where it comes to creative and Matt wanting to do most of his own stuff. Jeff is a different case, Jeff on many different occasions has stated that he wants to finish his career in WWE. Jeff sees the big picture as much as he is very much financially set. He knows if he retires with WWE, it comes with merchandising expansion and possible work outside of WWE in film, and it could also include a Legends deal that he can collect off for much, much longer than anything else.

So why does this get tricky? Well for possibly the first time in their careers Matt is hotter than Jeff right now and has one of, if not the, hottest gimmicks outside of WWE at the moment with his Broken Matt gimmick. Jeff does not want to leave his brother at this point, so WWE has to play to Matt as much as they play to Jeff.

Where are we as of today? I'm told WWE is willing to give Jeff a deal with limited dates, not to the extent of Brock Lesnar, but similar to Jericho where he works a few house shows a month, TV, and the PPVs. Likely, 10 dates a month. This would make sure they could push him and his body does not breakdown on the road. They would be giving Jeff a monster face push if he returns. As for Matt, if they can come to terms on a creative end then they would bring both in to run with the Broken Hardy Boys angle. As of this writing, I'm told WWE thinks they will land Jeff with almost certainty, however they aren't as confident with signing Matt. They will try to convince Matt that this is best option for him, however with him having a family, one young child and another on the way, and his merchandise and booking outside WWE already generating considerable amount of income it will be difficult to spin that Matt needs to return to WWE. Everyone, however, feels that if deals are reached they will be returning much sooner rather than than later and this will not be a long and dragged out process. One source feels it's a very real chance WWE locks up Jeff immediately and Matt later in the year.

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