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Backstage Updates on NXT Takeover and Injuries

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Besides the big injury that we posted earlier in regards to Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre will follow up with an MRI with fears of a bicep tear. In the event, it is a complete bicep tear the recovery time is 4-6 months. If it is only a partial tear it can heel is 3-6 weeks. Unfortunately, it was just one of those fluke injuries and it did happen at the finish of the match. It is very likely in any event Drew has worked his last match in NXT as the plan was for him to be on the main roster by Royal Rumble at the latest. We will have a premium post up later today with updates on many other injuries that happened at NXT Takeover.

There were many other injuries:

Alexander Wolfe had to be stitched up in multiple locations on the back of his head and on the side, this occurred from the belly to back superplex through the 2 tables. The back of his head hit the side of the table before going through the other table.

Roderick Strong injured his neck midway through the match from the brainbuster style suplex. Strong came down on the top of his head and he will be further evaluated and the severity is not yet known.

Takeover had many changes in the booking over the last 48 hours. Some of the big changes were the structure of the Wargames match itself and how teams were entering. Vince McMahon himself actually played a large role in this match as it was he who did not want the roof on the cage and it was he who wanted the final 2 members of each team to enter at the same time. Normally in an actual Wargames match the team captains especially the heel captains would not enter first. However, due to the structure, there was really no other choice.

The decision to not turn Roderick Strong heel had more to do with Drew McIntyre coming up to the main roster and them needing to keep another top star as a baby face.

Both Velveteen Dream and Aleister Black were praised for their match backstage and how well it got over with the crowd.

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