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Major Top Name Confirmed For Raw, RVD's Opponent At SummerSlam, Shawn Michaels Returning To WWE TV For Angle With Daniel Bryan?, Exclusive Details On A WWE Star In The Doghouse & Backstage Reaction To Randy Orton Attack

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Shawn Michaels

- Brock Lesnar is scheduled for Monday Night Raw next week in Green Bay. We're told there has been talk for weeks about CM Punk launching a hardcore attack on Lesnar to sell the legitimacy of their bout at SummerSlam. The premise being that Punk has "lost it" and is capable of beating Lesnar, despite the size difference between them. There are still a lot of questions about the finish to the match at SummerSlam and no real answers. One observer says they wouldn't be shocked if it was put solely into the hands of Triple H and Punk to call what is the best moving forward.

- WWE officials and Vince McMahon continue to go back and forth on opponents for Rob Van Dam at SummerSlam. A new name that has emerged lately is Fandango, which is the reason for what happened on Raw.

- If you haven't seen the new beard of Shawn Michaels, check it out here before reading this next tidbit. We're told one of the original plans was to do an angle that brought Shawn Michaels back to television and included him in the program with Daniel Bryan/the McMahons. The premise here would be Shawn saying "I told you so" and that Bryan was "his guy." At this point it doesn't look as likely to happen but was still getting some talk backstage.

- Speaking of Daniel Bryan/the McMahons, the "corporate makeover" bit is seen as a way to "finally get rid" of Bryan's beard but no one is holding their breath on it happening any time soon.

- Wade Barrett has been in the WWE doghouse but we're not sure why. We're told Vince McMahon would like to get back to his push before the end of the year as he's high up on the "legit tough guy" persona.

- Following up on the Randy Orton/South Africa attack, we're told many WWE workers are not buying it as legitimate. Their questions are the same as my questions but the truth is no one knows 100% other than the people involved.

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