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Backstage News From Hell In A Cell, New Bray Wyatt, Heat On Cesaro?, Injury Updates

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Backstage news from Hell in a Cell in Dallas…

- The final script wasn't available until about an hour and twenty minutes before the main show went live on the WWE Network. There were some changes to the show's structure, including some last minute debate about which Hell in a Cell match would be closing.

- The plan to reintroduce Bray Wyatt in a program with Dean Ambrose was in the works far before it was actually executed on Sunday. Hindsight is 20/20 but we should have paid closer attention to Hell in a Cell being the show WWE reintroduced Wyatt on for a couple of reasons. One, Wyatt was flown to Dallas for the show and confirmed for Survivor Series next month (I confirmed both prior to the show's start). Further, he was listed on the official list of advertised talent by WWE. While that's always subject to change, there were more than enough clues to deduce it would be when Wyatt was coming back. The idea behind Bray Wyatt's revamp is to make him creeper and scarier.

- Cesaro doesn't have heat for his comment about John Cena vs. Randy Orton. The feeling backstage was that his remarks were taken out of context to mean something he wasn't trying to convey.

- As far as injuries are concerned, Dean Ambrose cut his hand and Jey Uso had his elbow examined. Neither were serious.

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