Blown Spot On Raw Causes An Uproar Backstage & Two Top Stars Nearly Come To Blows - Who Was Involved & The Fallout From It, Why There Was Chaos Before This Week's Show, RVD Working More Than Originally Agreed Upon, Why Randy Orton Is Seeing A Doctor Today

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Backstage news and notes from WWE Monday Night Raw in Chicago…

- This week's show was chaos before and after. We're told the script was re-written twice after 5:30 PM and it was evident the booking was terrible, according to numerous backstage sources. The fact all the babyfaces were buried made "zero sense" and was actually compared to something WCW would have done in its latter days. Vince McMahon is upset with the way the Corporation storyline is going and realizes it's too hard for the casual fan to understand or follow. For those that missed it, every babyface on the show minus CM Punk and Daniel Bryan was buried. One thing shouldering some of the blame is booking the storyline on the fly, making things difficult to add up or flow from week-to-week let alone show-to-show.

- WWE is putting a ton of pressure on Rob Van Dam right now and have him working through Survivor Series when the original plan was for him to take some time off after Night of Champions. Basically, the company feels the roster is so depleted they cannot afford to lose him right now.

- Randy Orton is scheduled for a medical evaluation on Tuesday after twisting his neck in the angle with Rob Van Dam. We should find out more by Wednesday.

- We're told Ryback took major heat over the gorilla table bump spot with CM Punk on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Ryback's only job was to put Punk through the table. Well, as seen on Raw, not only did he not direct Punk but he turned his wrist at the last second and caused Punk to almost miss the table and barely catch any of it on the way down. The nasty bump caused Punk to be legitimately busted open and receive medical attention backstage. Rather than apologize, Ryback told a producer that Punk "should have bumped better." Punk apparently found out because he and Ryback ended up having words over it. We're told the entire thing nearly came to blows when Curtis Axel stepped in and tried to play the role of peace maker. Triple H ended up getting involved, pulling Ryback aside and speaking with him behind closed doors.

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