WWE Star Gets Heat For Wearing Unapproved Attire On Raw; Who It Is & What They Wore, Early Plans For Cena vs. Orton, When Big Show Injury Angle Was Planned, Mark Henry Determined To Help, Wardrobe Malfunction Strikes Again

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Mark Henry

Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Long Island…

- Dolph Ziggler got some heat for wearing a Zack Ryder t-shirt underneath his hockey sweater on this week's show. Not only was that not planned but the "silent protest" was looked down on. One observer commented, "as if he hasn't been in the dog house enough as of late."

- There seems to be a good bit of confusion surrounding the WWE Championship vs. World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC. The obvious thing everyone is speculating is unification but the consensus seems to be there will be some type of "screwy" finish that sees John Cena and Randy Orton swap belts.

- We're told inserting The Shield into The Wyatt Family's program with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk was last minute and wasn't on the show's original script. We haven't heard where they are going with it.

- The Big Show concussion angle was planned coming out of Monday Night Raw, before the kayfabe article was posted.

- Mark Henry is determined to leave the business with something as a way to "give back" with being the longest tenured active worker in the company. His new project is to help give Big E Langston the rub and he personally pushed to team with him.

- The wardrobe malfunction we noted on Tuesday was indeed a nipple slip. It was caught by production and they blacked out the screen before it hit the cable and satellite feeds.

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