Reason For Usos vs. The Shield, Backstory Behind A Legitimate Shoot In Heyman/Punk, Who Wrote This Week's Raw Script, Problem With MITB Ladder Match, WWE Star Gets An Earful Over Work On Raw, Who Has Been Labeled "Must-See TV" Backstage

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The Shield

Backstage news and notes from Monday Night Raw in North Charleston…

- The Usos push is still on following their two minute victory over Brodus Clay & Tensai on this week's show. While some feel it makes very little sense for Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns to work them given the upper tier talent they've already beaten, they need something to do before the prospective return of The Undertaker for a match at SummerSlam.

- There was a shoot tossed into the stellar CM Punk/Paul Heyman segment. When Paul talked about "making millions on a tag match," he actually pitched Punk & Brock Lesnar vs. DeGeneration X in an unsanctioned street fight. The idea was shot down, which was the reason for the reference.

- The "tweener stuff" with CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler was done due to all the writing changes over the last few weeks with their being a lack of long-term direction.

- Speaking of writing changes, we're told this week's script was the work of David Kreizman with very little changes. Following up on our story from last week, WWE wants to keep Dave happy and his completed script [for this week] was finished on Friday and reviewed before running with it Monday night. We're told the script was ran by John Cena, CM Punk,Triple H andPaul Heyman. One of the main focuses this week was to slow down the Heyman, Punk and Lesnar angle to make sure it didn't peak too early. One observer felt this week's show already had better flow.

- Coming out of this week's WWE Raw, plenty of questions remain about a second Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With the already announced WWE title MITB ladder match, who works the second for the World Heavyweight Championship? With the brand extension over, they really can't brand it as the "Smackdown" match so we're told a lot of back and forth is going on. We heard someone pitched they do a MITB ladder match for one of the secondary belts but wondered if anyone would care given titles such as the Intercontinental Championship hold so little value.

- Titus O'Neil, who is very well liked backstage, took some heat when he "totally botched" the end to CM Punk vs. Darren Young. The feeling was it came across sloppy and didn't look good. O'Neil reportedly caught an earful in front of everyone.

- We're told many guys were watching Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton "closely on the monitors backstage" as Bryan has become must-see TV. One producer remarked how he is on another level in terms of his in-ring work and talent. Vince McMahon's promo from earlier in the show was basically him making fun of himself for being so wrong about Bryan.

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