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The End Of The Shield, HBK Open To Wrestling?, More On Unified Title Belt & Champion, Live Rib At Raw, Why Creative Upset Vince McMahon, What Drew A Scene Backstage & Had Everyone Talking, The Rock's WWE Status, Details On Upcoming Heel Turn, Cena Shootin

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The Shield

Backstage news from Slammy Awards Monday Night Raw in Seattle…

- As illustrated on this week's show, the wheels continued to be placed in motion regarding a breakup of The Shield leading into their 3-on-1 handicap match against CM Punk at WWE TLC. At first many backstage thought it was too early and not the right time to break up the faction. Apparently, this has changed. We're told Triple H is "ready to move forward," however, the faction's destruction is by no means "set in stone" for the pay-per-view. The biggest point to note here is the uncertainly from week to week.

- The seed for Shawn Michaels vs. Daniel Bryan was watered yet again on this week's show with both Vince McMahon and Triple H desiring the bout at Wrestlemania XXX next year. We're told both have talked to Shawn about "coming out of retirement" for the match and he does seem more receptive then he was at first. Originally, Shawn wasn't believed to have put much thought into it.

- Following up on a point I addressed in Tuesday's Ask WNW, we're told there have been no mentions of a new title belt being created for a Unified Champion. One key observer pointed to the fact they have heard of no information of a new title being made by Mattel for the company's toy lines. This same observer points to all the mentions of "never seeing both belts again" as a possible setup for a large swerve.

- For those that didn't notice, all of the talk of Sin Cara looking new, fresh and "like a different man" were ribs at WWE replacing the character.

- Big E Langston was once again out of place on commentary and Vince McMahon was upset at the creative team this time. Apparently Vince gave the OK for Langston to use his comedy and apparently they didn't get the memo. One source commented, "he played robot once again."

- Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had a lengthy conversation backstage and while this isn't news, workers were snapping photos of them together. We're told it really came across well and added to the respect of both.

- We're told the fact there wasn't even a pre-recorded message featuring The Rock in case he won a Slammy (which of course he did), is very telling about his current status with WWE. There are currently no plans to utilize him any further.

- WWE is moving "full steam ahead" with the Brodus Clay heel turn and he's believed to be reverting back to the monster gimmick.

- Note from Richard:I made a slight error, as the following statement was meant to reflect Daniel Bryan and not Brodus Clay as the original format of this post suggested. I apologize for the mistake. We're told one longtime official approached Triple H backstage and questioned why they weren't riding his momentum. They reiterated to Hunter that Bryan is the hottest he'll ever be and they need to be taking full advantage of it.

- We're told Randy Orton got irritated during John Cena's promo in the overrun segment. This is something that used to happen early in his career when he was known for getting frustrated with crowds. Cena was "straight shooting" during the promo with Daniel bryan because he knew what the crowd wanted and how not to get booed. One observer called it a brilliant move and said it was one of the best promos Cena has had in years, maybe ever.

- Despite his appearance on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, we do not have a further update on Christian at this time.

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