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Backstage News On Failed Wellness Tests, RVD's WWE Return, Reason For Wyatt Family Beatdowns, Long-Term Booking Direction Changed, Storyline Plans For The "Devil," Talks Continue For A Major Top Name To Work Wrestlemania 30, Who Was Ribbed & Praised At Th

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Rob Van Dam

- We're told there was recently a round of Wellness testing conducted and the rumor was there were some positive tests. Whether or not a suspension surfaces is another issue as talent can clear positive tests with valid prescriptions. We were not given names and wouldn't report them if we were, the only thing of note here is Wellness testing was conducted. Additionally, we heard a number of talents were called in for meetings with Triple H but the details of the meetings were not disclosed. One could assume the meetings had to do with Wellness but that's mere speculation.

- Rob Van Dam was contacted over the weekend about him returning to WWE. They want him back and are trying to get a new contract in place.

- This week's episode of Monday Night Raw just wasn't rewritten but long-term booking plans were changed and/or cut. The Wyatt Family's attack on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan was to push them away from their respective programs with Paul Heyman and Randy Orton. These programs were blown off at the pay-per-view and WWE is moving forward.

- As for long-term booking plans that were changed, here's how it involves Kane handing Stephanie McMahon his mask. We're told this was done to explain why he won't be going after The Wyatt Family at this point. Bray Wyatt's line that "the devil" made him do it has Vince McMahon behind the beatings. The new direction is that Triple H can't handle the dirty work so Vince is handling it through The Wyatt Family. He's scripted to have "given" Kane to Stephanie to help because Hunter couldn't "tie up loose ends." This is a complete 180 from plans last week that had Vince returning as a babyface with Big Show, Hunter to work Daniel Bryan and Punk's program undecided.

- Dialogue between WWE and Bill Goldberg regarding a potential return for a program at Wrestlemania XXX remains open.

- We're told Luke Harper was the butt of a lot of jokes backstage at Raw for botching the bodyslam spot at Hell in a Cell.

- Goldust received major praise for his work at the pay-per-view, as he should have. We're told everyone in the tag title bout was put over heavily but no one to the extent of Goldust, who is seen as to be working on an entirely different level right now.

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