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More Bad News For IMPACT Wrestling

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Anthem continues to regret buying IMPACT in the first place, but the other potential buyers continue to move forward with new wrestling projects. Aroluxe, which was long thought to be the likely company to end up with IMPACT, has events scheduled for their new lucha libre themed promotion in Tennessee on December 9 and December 10. With Anthem moving IMPACT full time to Canada and planning to release several more US based wrestlers to save money, those wrestlers have been told that if they can get booked on the Aroluxe tapings, Anthem is willing to release them earlier than planned.

As for Billy Corgan, the other potential owner who failed in his bid to buy IMPACT, he hopes to debut his new NWA promotion in New Orleans over WrestleMania weekend. An NWA heavyweight championship match is scheduled for next week in Hollywood, CA and Corgon hopes to keep the NWA title active until he is ready to run his own events. Although the hope is to debut the new NWA promotion over WrestleMania weekend, there has also been talk of delaying the debut until next summer.

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