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Why Balor Was Not On Raw, Fans Turning On Goldberg, Roman Turning Heel, Is Seth Good To Go, Update On The Hardy Boyz And Impact Wrestling

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Finn Balor 2017

-For those wondering, and there are very many who have asked, Finn Balor DID fly into Detroit on Monday morning. He worked out at at a local gym, however, he was obviously not used at Raw. Here is the backstage story on why. Officials didn’t know how to book things moving forward as Vince has not decided how to use Balor at WrestleMania and continues to go back and forth on how to utilize Finn. We can say this, one script on Sunday had Finn saving Jericho from the Owens/Joe beat down. Obviously that was eventually scraped before Raw. Now the question officials are asking is, with 19 days left (13 days next Monday for Raw), is 2 weeks enough time to build Finn vs. Joe or are you going to put both your most recent NXT champions, and two massive names, in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania? Or even worse, no match at all in a scenario where Finn just saves either Rollins or Jericho at WrestleMania? To make matters worse, WWE always expects fans to have “short memories” but the last time we saw Finn he was surrendering the WWE Universal Championship because a very heel version of Seth Rollins had injured him.

-Officials are still paying close attention to the turn of the crowd on Goldberg, the feeling backstage are the nostalgia has worn its course and with Goldberg’s pay its very likely his last match will be at WrestleMania 33. The “fire Goldberg” chants on Raw have officials very nervous that Goldberg vs. Lesnar won’t go over as much as hoped. They’re still confident it will be better than their last WrestleMania match, though.

-For those wondering, yes, there has been legitimate discussion on a full-fledged Roman Reigns heel turn at WrestleMania when he faces the Undertaker. However, nothing has been decided as of this writing. That’s why WWE is having Roman acting like both a heel and a face.

-The Sasha Banks character is teasing a heel turn, especially with the way she has been winning matches lately. However, with that being said, the seeds are planted but they are not for sure if they are going to pull the trigger.

-As we saw on Monday, Seth is making very large steps forward, but he isn’t 100% yet. However, when he went to the specialist last week, Seth was told he can resume lighter normal in-ring activities. That said, many feel the company is rushing him back and that for his long-term health, he should have taken another month to truly rehab this injury as the risk of re-injury is very high as of now.

-Lastly, let's touch on the Hardys/Impact situation. Impact was fighting with the Hardys over the gimmick of the "Broken" Matt Hardy "gimmick." On Friday morning, Impact sent a threatening letter to cable and PPV providers who planned to host the ROH PPV. While a few ignored these warrants, Dish Network did pull the show and refunded any orders of the show. Reby Hardy has been very out spoken on this on social media as you may have seen. The feeling within the business is Impact did not want the Hardys taking this gimmick to WWE. Let’s do a quick analysis of the situation. Remember, I’m no lawyer, but this is pretty basic knowledge. First of all if Jeff wants to go by Brother Nero, Impact can’t do a thing about it as he is Matt’s legitimate brother, and the name Nero isn’t trademarked. Secondly, Impact truly doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this potential lawsuit for many reasons. The Hardys paid for the “broken” segments out of pocket, plus Impact did not honor the pay in their contracts. Lastly, Impact was incredibly lazy not to trademark a thing about it while Matt and Jeff were with the company, yet afterwards want a part of their gimmick. Furthermore, Ring of Honor can potentially file suit against Impact for lost revenue as they were pulled prior to airing any of the gimmick on their PPV that weekend. Finally, Impact really pissed off a ton fans, but moreover they pissed off a lot of workers and people in the business with this frivolous lawsuit. So much so, that many people do not even want to work for the company because of it. All and all, another huge mistake on the part of Impact Wrestling with no possible gain on their part.

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