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Big Push Planned w/Orton & Cena Out, Survivor Series Plans For Undertaker, What Vince Wants From Roman Reigns

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Orton Pose

- The talk at Raw was that it was 100 percent Randy Orton needs shoulder surgery and will be out a maximum of 6 months. This is essentially the information dot com relayed and means his status is in question for Wrestlemania 32. It’s concerning because Orton has had shoulder issues before, which makes him susceptible, but surgery can correct the problem. What surgery cannot fix, however, is the likelihood of it happening again.

- There is talk of doing Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose unless WWE turns Ambrose at Survivor Series

- The Usos vs. The New Day is where WWE is going with the tag titles and speculation would suggest a match at Survivor Series.

- Cesaro’s push remains a go as they look to elevate more babyfaces. With John Cena out and Randy Orton injured, the timing couldn’t be better for him.

- Nikki Bella has been battling from some back pain lately, although it’s unknown if that is what she was talking about on Twitter. For now, she’s to be considered “banged up” but nothing serious. Update: It looks like it was Nikki's neck, not back, that kept her off Raw. We have the latest at this link. End update.

- There are plans for Brock Lesnar to return to television towards the end of the year. As previously noted, he’s on a holiday live event next month.

- The idea of a Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns double turn was pitched to Vine McMahon but he was reportedly having none of it. He’s been extremely stubborn about Reigns as a top babyface, even though he was pitched a detailed plan by a WWE producer.

- We’re told a decision hasn’t been reached on whether or not Kane and The Undertaker will have a partner at Survivor Series.

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