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Big Update On Kurt Angle Working WrestleMania 34 & Who His Opponent Could Be

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Kurt Angle

WWE is fully aware that the Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle storyline is not getting over as hoped and a variety of alternatives are now being considered.

Most of the ideas Vince McMahon has considered the strongest revolve around it eventually being revealed that Jordan tricked Angle into thinking he was his son. Angle has been trying to make the best of the story despite the weak crowd reactions, but prefers that it eventually come out that Jordan is not his son.

While Angle hopes to wrestle sooner than WrestleMania 34, he is pushing for Jordan to be his WrestleMania 34 opponent, which has gained Angle favor in the company for being unselfish as most wrestlers in his position would be pushing to face the biggest name possible at the event.

WrestleMania 34 is still far off and Vince isn't in a rush to kill off the Angle and Jordan father-son relationship, but there is a realization and acceptance from the top down that the angle isn't going to work out the way they originally hoped.


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