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Big Update On TNA’s TV Negotiations, Issues w/Eric Bischoff, Where Spike TV Stands

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There are currently rumors of legal issues between TNA Wrestling and Eric Bischoff. We did a little digging and discovered the issue is that TNA believes Bischoff was at one point negotiating with Spike TV about running a new promotion for them or running TNA for them if Spike bought it. As we reported earlier in the year here on Premium, Spike tried to buy 51% of TNA and Dixie Carter rejected their offer. TNA believes had they sold, Bischoff is the one Spike would have run the company for them.

Bischoff denies everything and has just been waiting for his contract to expire. One source wasn’t sure if TNA would be able to prove that Bischoff breached his contract by being in cahoots with Spike.

Like when Jeff Jarrett and TNA parted ways, TNA wants Bischoff to sign a non-compete in regards to Spike. Even though Spike has been posturing like they want to get out of the wrestling business, the biggest issue is they don’t want to be in business with Dixie Carter.

While Dixie still isn't willing to sell, with TNA finding so little success in their search for a new network, the asking price for TNA's TV rights has dropped substantially. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where some at Spike are discussing if it's worth the headache of renewing Impact at a reduced rate.

TNA’s ratings remain decent and at a drastically reduced rights fee, Spike is tempted to reconsider their anti-wrestling stance.

Even still, Bischoff is the guy that Spike prefers to deal with and there would be much more interest from Spike if Bischoff was involved. TNA doesn't trust Bischoff though and so you have a situation where TNA wants Bischoff out of the picture.

Sources at Spike claim the network decided against launching their own promotion from scratch, figuring it would be too big of a headache, but that Spike would still be interested in buying TNA, despite posturing that they have no interest in wrestling.

So it appears there’s a bit of a cat and mouse going on. Spike was hoping TNA would end up desperate enough to sell but since Dixie Carter has refused, they might consider renewing Impact if the price is so low that it would be “silly” not to keep them on.

It’s important to consider that UTA is representing TNA in the television negotiations and will get a cut of the money. TNA could end up not only with a giant reduction in what they’ve been earning from Spike in right fees but wouldn’t even get to keep all of it because UTA gets a cut. As one observer described it, a “complete disaster all around.”

People within TNA maintain “absolutely convinced” they will land a new domestic TV deal. It’s not a question of if they get one but if they’ll get one that will pay them more than the minimal amount they would get for staying with Spike TV. This of course assuming their hunch is correct that Spike would take them back at the lower price.

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