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Billy Corgan Determined To Prove He Was The Guy To Turn TNA Around

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Billy Corgan

We have an update on Billy Corgan's plans.

He's pretty adamant about doing something in wrestling, although he hasn't solidified his plans yet. One concept he's pitched investors on is trying to buy up a few of the bigger independent promotions, create a unified world champion that would wrestle for those promotions, and create a streaming service that would air the shows of the various companies he would buy.

Who does and doesn't sign longterm deals with FloSlam plays a big role in who Billy can go after. He's considered making an offer to try to buy Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

Those close to him say he's determined to prove he was the right guy to try to turn TNA around, but it's going to be tough to lock up enough content to try to launch a streaming service when FLO has already locked up a lot of stuff.

Billy would also have to sign up a roster of wrestlers as these independent groups don't have their guys signed to deals. Several wrestlers have been approached about signing letters of intent, but nobody has been given a contract yet. Too soon in the process.

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