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Breaking Down Alberto Del Rio's Contract To Return To WWE

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Alberto Del Rio

There have been some conflicting details reported in regards to the contract of Alberto Del Rio to return to WWE. Apparently there was a report that suggested he was making a $1.4 million downside, something WWE denied. I was only notified of the report, I didn’t see the original, I'm going off what a source told me, so take that for what it’s worth. Other reports claimed the downside was closer to $500K but here's the full story...

WWE was worried about talent being upset about Del Rio getting a big contract to return. $1 million is the standard downside guarantee any top star not named Brock Lesnar. As for Del Rio, his downside is around $700,000 but it’s more complicated than most WWE deals. The $700,000 includes limited dates, far less than what he’ll actually be working. He has additional dates worked into his contract and additional compensation agreed upon for those dates, but the additional dates are at WWE's discretion.

If WWE uses up all of the additional dates, his guarantee for the year would be the reported $1.45 million, but, it's not really a $1.45 million downside because downside would mean worst case scenario if he's injured and didn't work at all.

So in the true sense, only half of his contract is guaranteed (the aforementioned $700,000). Now, WWE wants as many dates on Del Rio as possible and the contract was designed in a way where WWE could offer him enough money to jump, without actually upsetting the payscale in terms of what other guys get as a downside.

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