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Brock Lesnar Retires From UFC - Is A WWE Return Possible For The Former Champion?; Everything That Must Happen For Lesnar To Return To WWE & Details On What Has Stopped His Former Employer From Landing His Services In The Past

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The hot topic coming out of the weekend is Brock Lesnar retiring from UFC after his loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141. Almost immediately, rumors began to circulate about Lesnar possibly returning to WWE.

While there is no question WWE would be interested, as they have tried to convince him to return on multiple occasions, Lesnar has not reciprocated interest in working the full-time WWE schedule.

The feeling has always been Brock would return to WWE for a one shot but wouldn't want to return to the full-time schedule which is something he hated. Remember, Lesnar turned away from millions of dollars because of his hatred for the hectic WWE travel schedule.

Therefore in order for Lesnar to return, he obviously must be interested. Vince McMahon has been rather militant about not handing out partial-schedules but he's made exceptions and given Lesnar's value, he may now be in a position to negotiate.

Another factor that must not be ruled out is Brock Lesnar's UFC contract. While he was able to negotiate a deal to be included in the WWE '12 video game, UFC President Dana White made it clear he would not be able to wrestle under UFC contract. White said after Lesnar announced he was retiring that his UFC contract would be retired. However, when asked if Lesnar's UFC contract would prevent him from working any potential matches in WWE, White said, "I don't know. We'll figure out."

Lesnar's health can also not be overlooked. While WWE doesn't pose the same risks as UFC combat poses, it's not a situation where there isn't going to be significant physical contact. Before anyone gets too excited Lesnar has to want to come back, his contract issues have to be solved and he has to be healthy enough to compete in a WWE ring.

The main difference in WWE negotiating with Lesnar today as opposed to a few years ago is obviously Lesnar's star power has grown given his significant yet short success in the octagon. WWE used to have the upper hand, however, that now belongs to Lesnar and will undoubtedly involve Paul Heyman (who helped facilitate the deal for Lesnar to be included in WWE '12).

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