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Changes Underway With Vince McMahon Unhappy Over Post-Draft Move

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Vince McMahon

The future of the WWE cruiserweight division is up in the air following a stipulation that was added to Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto at Survivor Series later this month. If Kalisto beats Kendrick, the cruiserweight division will transfer from Raw to Smackdown.

We’ve heard a couple sides to this and will explore them both but before we do, it’s important to note that Vince McMahon hasn’t been happy with how the cruiserweights have been getting over. It’s something we pointed out last month and have followed closely ever since.

Earlier this week, we heard Vince hadn’t made his mind up yet about the cruiserweight division and has talked of a disputed finish at Survivor Series that leads to Smackdown getting their own division.

Even before the cruiserweights debuted on Raw, talk had already started that Smackdown could be getting a division of their own. Many believe the division was wrongly cast on Raw in the first place, considering that Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan, the hosts of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, are on team blue. Not to mention that many see Smackdown as the more wrestling-heavy brand.

Another source believes the WWE cruiserweight division is definitely moving from Raw to Smackdown because of the new "205 Live" show premiering later this month. This source believes WWE doesn’t want to fly guys in two days a week and it will better fit the company’s depth issue. The downside to Smackdown getting the division is that Raw would left would a hole, considering it’s the longer show that was planned to host the division.

Regardless of which way Vince turns, it’s clear he’s not happy with the way the cruiserweights have gotten over and is already looking to make significant changes. The fact the company is doing a cruiserweight live show proves their commitment to the division, they just haven’t figured out exactly how they want to pursue it.

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