New Convincing Evidence Of CM Punk's Major Backstage Stroke & Influence In WWE, More On Alliance With Paul Heyman, How More Flexibility Has Been Created With Brock Lesnar, What Vince McMahon Thinks Of Punk's Heel Turn & The Latest Power Rankings Amongst T

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It was CM Punk that pushed WWE to pair him with Paul Heyman which not only was granted but led to Heyman landing a fresh contract. I'm told it shows how much pull Punk has in WWE and also the confidence in his ideas and opinions.

We can't confirm talk about a proposed stable also involving Brock Lesnar but it's not out of the question. Aligning Punk with Heyman gives the company more flexibility moving forward with Lesnar as they could spin it with them forming an alliance only to end up working against one another.

My source also says WWE was looking for a way to get additional heat on Punk as a heel and the belief is by adding Heyman, it will do just that. This is also the reason for Punk "taking the night off" from WWE Raw in his hometown of Chicago as the company realized there was nothing they could do to prevent him from drawing strong babyface reactions in the midst of his heel turn. The thinking was to minimize his crowd pop with some cheap heat.

As for Vince McMahon's opinion, I'm told he thinks Punk's development as a heel is "going great" and he loves his aggressive style. This has furthered talk behind-the-scenes Punk is the clear-cut number 1b behind John Cena, replacing Randy Orton.

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