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What Made CM Punk So Upset He Threatened To Quit WWE - Who Talked Him Out Of It & The Latest On His Health

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CM Punk is currently getting over a situation that saw him at odds with Vince McMahon and Triple H to the point where he was ready to quit the company. We're told Punk was upset about being lied too about his match against Undertaker atWrestlemania 29. While he didn't understand the logic of going under, he was fine with it. However, he was told up until the event the creative plans were still up in the air.

When Punk found out the outcome all along was for Undertaker to go over and extend the streak to 21-0, Punk felt that Vince and Hunter were betraying him by lying to him. After initially saying the company could eat the remainder of his contract and he was finished, Vince sat down with him to iron things out. One observer noted that Punk questioned why he had to threaten to leave the company to get someone to pay attention to him. He reportedly vented frustrations about guys like Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston working hard while the company obsessed over hot shot booking and storylines to please their own egos. The conversation went back and forth but Vince was able to calm him down.

Things took another turn for the worse when Punk requested time off to heal up but Vince stressed they need him for his next program. When Punk inquired about it, Vince reportedly didn't have a straight answer. Eventually it was agreed upon that Punk would take some time off to see how he felt. In addition to his knees possibly needing surgery, he also has damage to his elbow and back.

There was a conference call on Tuesday with Punk, Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman and writers to discuss his future where multiple ideas were discussed. Whether or not they come to fruition will ultimately hinge on Punk's health and Vince's desire.

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