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Complete Chaos At Wednesday's WWE Holiday Live Events As The Company Runs The Same Match On Both Shows - Details On What Caused Delays & The Producer That Was Put In A Horrible Position

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We noted earlier that Ryback, Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. The Shield took place at both WWE holiday live events Wednesday. The whole thing was a real disaster and caused "complete chaos" backstage in Chicago.

The plan was for Ryback & Team Hell No vs. The Shield to open the show in Detroit then fly to Chicago to main event the show there. The problem is this wasn't communicated to the workers until late in the day and was complicated further by intense weather conditions in Detroit. As Detroit was getting hammered by a winter storm, WWE was attempting to get the six workers to Chicago.

Meanwhile, the show in Chicago featured a lot of stalling and confusion as they awaited on the arrival of the aforementioned talent. Kofi Kingston defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a triple threat match against Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio. After the match the ring crew started to bring out the steel cage for Big Show vs. Sheamus. Finlay, a Smackdown producer,received word they needed to stall and ordered Barrett back to the ring.

Barrett got on the mic and called Kofi Kingston back to the ring for a one-on-one match for the Intercontinental Championship. Kofi pinned Barrett and there was more stalling. Barrett then issue an open challenge to anyone in the Smackdown locker room.

Ted DiBiase, dressed in street clothes, came out and pinned Barrett in a quick match. The crew then came out, built the steel cage and the show went on to be headlined by Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. The Shield.

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