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Former WWE Star Behind Parody Twitter Account That Has Been Suspended, Update On Randy Orton's Positive Wellness Test & Why His Testosterone Levels Were Elevated, Recent WWE Developmental Call-Up In Line For A Push, WWE Tag Titles & Why Some Are Questioni

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Richard's Backstage Blog

- Bad news "Cranky Vince" fans… WWE got the Vince McMahon parody Twitter account (located at shut down for divulging proprietary information and trade secrets. As for who is behind the account, I'm told it's a former WWE wrestler that still has strong ties to the company. The company still doesn't know who it is and it's unknown if the account suspension is permanent.

- For those that have asked about Randy Orton's testosterone levels coming back elevated thus getting suspended for 60-days because of a WWE Wellness Policy violation, I'm told his levels were elevated because of the dyanabol that was found in his system. My source reports had it not been for the banned substance, Orton would have got a smack on the wrist followed by a doctor's note which would have nullified the suspension.

- Antonio Cesaro is in line for a decent push as Vince McMahon is high up on his size and in-ring facials.

- Given R-Truth's broken foot, the WWE Tag Team Championship belts are an afterthought right now. There are some questioning about how much longer Truth's body can hold up given the fact he is 40-years-old.

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