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Daniel Bryan Finished w/WWE Or "Working" For Surprise Return?

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Daniel Bryan Raw Promo

The biggest story over the last 24-48 hours in WWE has to do with the in-ring future of Daniel Bryan. The comment that has drawn all the attention was in an interview published by a publication based out of Singapore that we covered at this link. We'll bring you the comments again below:

“I think it could be the end of my career in WWE, but I don’t think it will be the end of my career.

“I could find another passion, but it would just be sad because this is what I have been most passionate about since I was five.”

We’ll examine both sides of the coin below…

Bryan is serious, he’s most likely worked his last match in WWE:

“I could find another passion” has some believing it’s a guarantee that Bryan will work again even if it means sitting out the remainder of his WWE contract and returning to the independent scene. It’s unlikely WWE would be able to add time to Bryan’s contract, like was the case with Rey Mysterio, as Bryan has independent clearance to wrestle again. It’s not that he does not have medical clearance, he doesn’t have WWE’s medical clearance. As for when Bryan’s WWE contract is up, we’ve heard conflicting dates of November 2016 and February 2017.

Bryan is "working," he’s likely to work again in WWE:

Why would Daniel Bryan talk so openly about his future with a foreign publication? Keep in mind the product is in one of the deepest ruts it’s ever been in in terms of interest and this could be Bryan trying to stir things up. Bryan isn’t the type to air his dirty laundry in public and he understands the business well enough to know these type of comments will send fans into a frenzy.

In conclusion, Daniel Bryan will continue to remain a major talking point. Has he been cleared and WWE is just holding off or are they legitimately not letting him work despite independent clearance? I've spoken with a number people within WWE that believe unless Dr. Joseph Maroon signs off, Bryan will not work for them again, however, it's a cryptic situation that we'll continue to follow.

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