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Why Vince McMahon Is Uneasy About Daniel Bryan Angle Heading Into SummerSlam, Directive Issued Regarding The Booking Of The Wyatt Family, Issues Involving The Shield & The Latest Backstage Chaos

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Not only has Vince McMahon issued a directive that The Wyatt Family is to remain in different hours of Monday Night Raw than The Shield due to both being three-men factions with similar "beat down" fashions, he's also told the creative team to keep them away from Daniel Bryan.

We're told Vince is "uneasy" that so much of the Daniel Bryan angle is revolving around his long beard when all three members of The Wyatt Family have beards just as impressive, if not more impressive.

Vince is questioning the logic of bringing in three new guys that have long beards as a distinct part of their look, when the company's new "top babyface" and so much of the top angle is being built around his "unique" beard.

According to a source, Vince is "annoyed at himself" for ending up in this situation. He's happy with the job the Wyatt Family is doing and doesn't want to mess with their look but he has made comments in creative meetings about why they have all these new bearded guys if the number one angle in the company right now and one of the top merchandise sellers revolves around Daniel Bryan's beard.

This begs the question, if Vince doesn't like the Wyatt Family being similar to The Shield or taking away from the uniqueness of Daniel Bryan's beard, why wasn't something done before they were brought to TV?

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