Alberto Del Rio's Push To Be Noticeably Scaled Back On WWE TV, Vince McMahon Blowing Up Plans That Were Considered A "Major Priority" Just A Couple Months Ago, Plus An Update On A Top International Star Left Waiting In Their Home Country

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I'm told WWE has been losing interest in the Mexican market, which not too long ago had been declared a major priority by Vince McMahon. At the time it was "very important" for the WWE Championship to be on Alberto Del Rio and for Sin Cara be brought back to television despite problems. John Laurinaitis had also been instructed to sign more Mexican workers because Vince was on a big Mexico kick.

One source with knowledge of McMahon's thinking says, like he often does, almost on a whim, he's "moved on" and "lost interest." Not only is Del Rio's push going to be noticeably scaled back but Laurinaitis has been told to hold off on signing more Mexican talent. The guys currently on television are not in jeopardy by any means and Hunico is still scheduled for a halfhearted push before the company inevitably pulls the plug, however, there is still a situation with Averno.

Averno has been sitting in Mexico since May wondering if/when WWE is going to bring him to the United States. The company has changed their mind on him repeatedly and he's been left in a "holding pattern." One observer put it bluntly - "it's got to suck to be him."

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