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More Detailed News on the Cena/Bella Breakup, FOX News Deal

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Cena proposal

While the John Cena/Nikki Bella break-up made headlines last night, we were able to obtain more information on the subject:

We were told that this break-up happened a while ago and that the writing was on the wall for some time. With the premiere of Total Bellas in May, WWE was hoping to hold back the information until then but they gave up trying to keep it under wraps.

WWE will likely be moving away from Total Divas and Total Bellas due to a potential deal with FOX on the horizon (despite those shows being a part of NBC Universal). While it is not out of the question for FOX to have a reality show much like either of these programs on one of their affiliate stations, WWE will be quite satisfied with the term 'diva' being a thing of the past.

We will have much more on a potential FOX deal later this week.

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