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Details on The Moolah Battle Royal Name Change, How It Affected Another Major Star From Returning, Details On WrestleMania Times and More!

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--Once the Moolah story started to make its rounds in major non-wrestling publications and outlets the writing was on the wall for the removal of the name, but not the final straw. The final straw in the decision was when major sponsors threatened to pull advertising with the company. Snickers seem to be the sponsor that lead the charge. The company ultimately made the call on Thursday morning during a meeting to drop the name. I can add that other women's names were discussed to rename the battle royal, however, a collective agreement on another woman to name it after was not made and the company wanted to release that the name Moolah would no longer be associated with it and went with calling it The Women's Wrestlemania Battle Royal which will change. The real question is if it will be changed this year or they will wait till next year to introduce another woman to name the match after.

Zack Reacts: My guess is they decided if they went with another woman's name this year they'd have to explain the reason for the change. That opens them up to a lot of issues and questions they don't want to deal with. The big question being, if you knew about her past (they did) why did they pick that name in the first place. However, since they decided to just switch it to "The Women's Wrestlemania Battle Royal" they can silently slip away from any sticky issues.

Tom's Take: There are times in this business in which I shake my head the second something is done and I can't help but think, "who thought this was a good idea." This is right up there with the worst of them, previously WWE would not name the Women's NXT tournament the Moolah Classic, instead going with the Mae Young Classic for these same reasons. Yet, for whatever reason and thought process said it would be ok to dedicate a battle royal on their biggest show of the year, with the most eyes on the product, after her is pure insanity. Casual fans might not have known about Moolah's past and WWE's history of looking the other way, but they do now!

--While we are on the topic of former Superstars WWE need to distance themselves from, there was talk prior to Tuesday in actually having Hulk Hogan do the induction for Hillbilly Jim. Both Jim and Hogan would like to have it this way and again this was discussed and not ruled out as of Tuesday, however, that's when the Moolah situation hit. The talk died down because WWE thinks the heat from sponsors may flare up again and it may not be the right time for a Hogan appearance.

--With Wrestlemania having so many matches again this year likely 15 total when it is all said and done, WWE has already discussed running the main show from 7 pm EST to Midnight EST which was the runtime that was used last year. This would give the event a 2-hour pre-show, a 1-hour kickoff show, and 5-hour main show....yes that is 8 hours of WrestleMania.

--On the same subject of timing, it is also likely that NXT Takeover will have a longer show than their normal 2-hour show. If we include the Johnny vs. Ciampa unsanctioned match it brings the match total to five with the four title matches that will be on the show. There is a possibility that they have a short match on the show, however, the timing would still be very tight.

--Jim Ross will again be apart of WrestleMania, at this point, there has been not a final decision on what match he will call. That said, it is probable he will be calling The Undertaker and John Cena match.

--Seth Rollins has been working with a banged up elbow, it is thought to be nothing major however it is something WWE will keep a close eye on.

--NJPW is looking to do another show in the US this year and later in the Summer. They would have liked to do Labor Day weekend, but due to the ALL IN show which is already scheduled that weekend, they obviously can not do it that weekend. There has been talking about them running a show the following weekend and keeping the talent in that states that week to save on the guys having to travel again. There have been venues already talked about however as of writing no venue has been officially booked. The word going around is the Cow Palace near San Francisco, that again is not 100% finalized as of writing.

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