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Details On New Wrestling Show Possibly Involving Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan

There has been a good bit of jockeying behind-the-scenes with TNA Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling and others and it doesn’t seem to be going well for anyone.

Jeff Jarrett was back on good terms with his father, Jerry, after years of being estranged but now there is friction between them. Jerry is shopping a new project where he wants to try to create the wrestling equivalent of American Idol. Well, one of the reality show ideas Jeff had been pitching was very similar. So now Jeff and Jerry have competing projects trying to land a TV deal. One of Jeff's problems is that he's pitched so many different types of shows and nothing has really stuck.

As fragmented as the business has become, Jeff and Jerry probably would be better off together than apart and there are people in the GFW office encouraging Jeff to try to work together with his dad on the competition show idea, but Jerry seems to prefer just being family with Jeff and not being business partners in any way. The launch of TNA and the drama stemming from that has really soured Jerry on ever working with his son again.

Jerry really wants to get Hulk Hogan to be one of the judges on his show. However, it’s hard to say how US networks would react. Jerry feels it would be a slam dunk in terms of getting on TV overseas but it’s unknown if contact has even been made. I would personally ask Jerry is he saw Tough Enough but we’ll wait and see how this all plays out.

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