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Details On Three Upcoming WWE Stars That Have Found Favor With WWE Management; How One Survived Nuclear Backstage Heat, Pushes Coming?

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Richard's Backstage Blog

I mentioned yesterday that despite everything, there are still plans Sin Cara in WWE. This favor stems from the fact the company sees him as a star with major "international flavor."

The company is looking to continue expanding in hispanic demographics both domestically and internationally in Mexico and he is still a part of those plans. Another more obvious name is Alberto Del Rio. WWE is trying to prepare for life after Rey Mysterio and feel both Cara and Del Rio provide them with an opportunity to continue to draw after Mysterio. In the short-term, WWE is committed to further expansion in Mexico and plan to use Cara and Del Rio in prominent roles.

It's also worth nothing that it seems WWE is re-visiting expansion into India as Jinder Mahal's name has been getting thrown around a lot lately. WWE wants to further monetize their fan base in India as they are pleased with the numbers they are doing on television. Considered to be a major priority at one point in 2011, the plans were placed on the back burner earlier this year.

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