Details On Why The WWE Talent Roster Isn't Excited About The WWE Network

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While this might come as a surprise, we're told the WWE talent roster isn't as excited as everyone else regarding the WWE Network. From the workers we've heard from, there is concern regarding pay-per-view bonuses and their biggest payday of the year - Wrestlemania - being effected.

We're told there was no explanation given to workers prior to the WWE Network announcement was made last week and it's a topic Vince McMahon is scheduled to address Monday at Raw in Providence, Rhode Island. According to a source, it's likely WWE didn't address the issue with talent before the announcement because of an overwhelming paranoia regarding leaks.

WWE took extreme measures last week to assure the content of the WWE Network announcement was not leaked. While the confirmation of the announcement was accidentally leaked the day before, we'll have more later this week about the ridiculous measures to the company took to keep their announcement off the Internet.

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