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Tempers Flare Between WWE Writers & Producers Over Current Storylines, Why WWE Inserted Kane In A Program With Daniel Bryan, How WWE Unofficially Courted Alex Shelley With One Of Their Top Stars & How It Relates To TNA's Allegations Of Contract Tampering,

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Richard's Backstage Blog

Backstage Blowup Regarding Current WWE Storylines

The "great divide" backstage in WWE continues as tempers flared during a gathering/meeting between the WWE writing team and producers earlier this week. My source told me the blowup had to do with writers being burned out and storylines being pieced together after written and not done in any sort of order or unity. One writer voiced their displeasure about how nothing right now makes sense and specifically mentioned about how one week John Laurinaitis has to get approval from Triple H to sign talent and the next week he fires and re-hires someone all on his own. Another writer complained about how the scripts are constantly changing the day of the show, even up until Raw Supershow goes live on Mondays.

One questionable move that was made this week was the insertion of Kane in a program with Daniel Bryan. I'm told this came down as a "smack at smarks" for thinking CM Punk and Bryan can carry things on their own. One observer told me the feeling is the power needs to change at the top before it gets worse.

TNA's Contract Tampering Lawsuit Against WWE

There are more interesting details regarding TNA's lawsuit against WWE where they make allegations of contract tampering as it's worth noting the way WWE has courted Alex Shelley. Shelley actually received a call from a top WWE star (whose name I am purposely concealing) rather than an "employed" producer or staff member. Obviously this would allow WWE to make the argument it was a conversation between friends and not a formal business call.

Internally, there are those that do not understand why if WWE wanted a TNA talent they wouldn't just buy them out of their deal, however, the feeling is it's not really about money as much as it is Vince McMahon's cockiness that he can do and get away with anything.

Chris Jericho's Brazilian Flag Incident

I'm told WWE is not legitimately upset at Chris Jericho for the flag incident last night in Brazil and are actually enjoying the attention from the mainstream media. The feeling is that suspending Jericho was a way to save face but the only reason they even felt the need to do that was Linda McMahon's campaign for United States Senate. One observer pointed out how this is the same company that had Sgt. Slaughter burn an American flag during his feud with Hulk Hogan. Also, it's not a coincidence that Fozzy has four shows in nine days and then none for three weeks.

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