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Source: Dixie Carter Feels She Got Terrible Advice On AJ Styles, Upset Over Losing Him To New Japan Pro Wrestling

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There is a lot of turmoil in the creative department of TNA Wrestling right now.

It's no secret that "Big" John Gaburick has accumulated a lot of power since coming in. We're told this is because he was willing to do the job of several men for the salary of one man. He's currently got his hand in creative, production and talent relations.

According to a source, Dixie Carter was taking Big's word at every turn, even though he was suddenly in charge of area in which he had no pervious experience. We're told Dixie was becoming "quite hands off" and really trusted Gaburick.

However, there was an issue lately where Dixie feels she got really bad advice from Gaburick on how to handle the situation with AJ Styles. Gaburick was convinced that AJ's options were limited and that ultimately, he would cave and come back to TNA for their lowball offer. As recently as a couple of weeks ago, Big was still assuring Dixie that AJ would change his mind and come back.

The problem is Gabruick doesn't see the bigger picture outside of TNA and WWE with New Japan Pro Wrestling emerging as a serious alternative for Styles.

When Dixie learned that Styles signed a contract with NJPW, she felt like she got terrible advice from Gaburick.

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