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Strong Efforts Being Made To Get CM Punk On This Week's Monday Night Raw In Chicago - New Wrestlemania 30 Match Being Pitched To Him, What The Locker Room Thinks & Detailed Behind The Scenes Update

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Vince McMahon has been working around the clock trying to get CM Punk to agree to come back and appear on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago, Illinois. While a large segment believes Punk won't cave, he's being offered new plans for Wrestlemania XXX.

According to a source with knowledge of McMahon's efforts, a plan is being pitched to insert Punk in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Batista and Randy Orton, making it a triple threat bout.

Others in the company have tried to reach out to Punk but he refuses to respond. Even friends of his [in WWE] are having all calls and texts ignored. This has caused a sizable portion of the locker room to feel like the whole thing is an angle and that rather than lie to the boys, Punk is simply refusing to have any communication with them what-so-ever.

However, we're assured the the situation with Punk is not an angle. If Punk ends up appearing on Raw, it'll be because Vince McMahon pulled a miracle and not because the whole thing was a work. As we've noted several times, the original plan for Punk at Wrestlemania was a match against Triple H and everything has had to be rearranged because Punk walked out.

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