Even More Controversy In The Rich Swann Situation

Rich Swann

WWE is treading very carefully in their handling of the Rich Swann domestic dispute arrest. Swann's wife, Vannarah Riggs, who wrestles on the independent circuit as Su Yung, has had a long history with the company that WWE isn't particularly proud of. Riggs was signed by WWE seven years ago at the urging of Jerry Lawler, who was dating her at the time, despite their over 40 year difference in age. Lawler's history of much younger girlfriends used to be looked at with amusement by WWE, but in recent years has become an embarrassment to WWE.

After a short run in FCW as Sonia the backstage interviewer, coincidentally or not, when Riggs and Lawler broke up, she was released by WWE shortly thereafter. She has long complained in private that he got her fired. It's a story WWE has always tried to keep quiet and since Swann was signed, his job was thought to be very safe as WWE wouldn't want to risk provoking his wife in any way.

Which makes the current situation so tricky, because if WWE fires Swann for PR reasons, even if Riggs and Swann work things out and stay together, WWE is worried that some of her private complaints about her time with the company could go public. With so many women in entertainment coming forward recently about sexual harassment in the workplace, WWE has understandably been on edge lately about this issue. While there are likely many women who could complain that they were fired unfairly by WWE, Riggs' story is one that could be particularly damning.

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