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Exclusive Details On The Dream Match Main Event For Wrestlemania XXIX Next Year - Who It Involves, Why WWE Wants To Move As Quickly As Possible, Update On WWE Announcing It One Year In Advance, Two Major Factors To Overcome, More

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I'm told talks between WWE and UFC have been "heating up" in regards to negotiating a release for Brock Lesnar so he would be available to return to professional wrestling. Lesnar, who announced his retirement from UFC, after his flight against Alistair Overeem on December 30, 2011, continues to be stuck in his UFC contract.

WWE still wants to do The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXIX next year in New Jersey. Obviously a lot of factors play into this with Undertaker's health and desire to keep going being nearly as important as Lesnar's availability. I initially reported WWE's desire to do this match on January 31, 2012 here on Premium.

My source reports WWE is hoping it does not take much longer until they know they definitely have Brock. Once he's released, there's been talk about moving forward "as fast as possible," as they did last year by announcing John Cena vs. The Rock one year in advance.

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