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Exclusive - Huge Meeting Taking Place Today At Raw

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Vince McMahon plans to meet with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at Raw on Monday to make a big push to get him to sign a new contract, Wrestling News World has learned.

Vince is posturing that the money and terms offered in the meeting at Raw will be the most generous WWE will be offering and any offer after his contract expires would be less lucrative. Sources close to the WWE boss indicate he isn’t bluffing and while he could change his mind, the word heading into this meeting is that this is it.

If Brock doesn't re-sign, Vince wants Roman Reigns to get a definitive and clear win over Lesnar for the belt. At that point, Vince can’t be blamed for thinking Brock is less valuable to the company after that happens.

Brock may still play this out to the end and wait until he can field offers from UFC and Bellator, but if he wants to stay in WWE, his best offer may be coming Monday.

We’re told that Paul Heyman has urged Lesnar re-sign, which is to be expected as Heyman's days in WWE would be numbered if Brock leaves the company.

If Brock does re-sign, expect a lot of misinformation throughout the week. Vince believes the controversy of whether Brock will stay or not is helping generate interest in Wrestlemania 31. If Brock is staying, then rumors that he's going to UFC would be in WWE's best interest as it garners attention for Sunday’s show.

If Brock does re-sign, Brock vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania 32 next year has been agreed to by The Rock. It's a match Vince wanted for Wrestlemania this year originally and a match he's had in mind since the day Brock returned to the company. If Brock re-signs, the chance of Rock being at Wrestlemania 31 on Sunday is very good.

The finish of the title match could end up changing a lot throughout the week.

If Brock doesn't re-sign, Roman is obviously beating him, but if Brock does re-sign, one finish pitched involved interference from The Rock to set up the match with Brock next year. The Rock is concerned though that it would turn him heel if he cost Brock the title.

If Vince can pull off getting Brock to re-sign on Monday, he's going to revel in the public uncertainty and use it for all it’s worth in terms of getting people to check out Wrestlemania.

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