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Exclusive: Why Jeff Jarrett Is Out Of GFW, Details On The Company's Future

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Jeff Jarrett

Although IMPACT Wrestling has had a tumultuous history from nearly its inception, the current chaos behind the scenes is being described as one of the biggest messes the company has even been in. While Anthem Sports & Entertainment is demanding that Jeff Jarrett enter a substance abuse rehabilitation program, they are also exploring whether Jarrett has violated the morality clause in his contract and if he can be prevented from returning.

This is now the second high profile player in the company, the other being Alberto El Patron, that Anthem has attempted to remove by claiming they violated the morality clause in their agreement. With GFW IMPACT hemorrhaging money, Anthem is trying to cut costs anywhere they can, even if it involves finding ways to not have to honor existing agreements.

Since Jarrett's return to the company, the roster has been significantly overhauled to replace previous talent with people loyal to Jarrett. Now with Jarrett gone, there is a roster full of guys and girls who have no idea who to be loyal to and no idea what the future holds for the company.

The reports are true that Anthem is exploring whether they can find a buyer for the company, but they are not desperate to sell, only desperate to cut costs. They're willing to entertain offers, but they still see a benefit to owning their own wrestling company as a means of providing cheap programming for the Fight Network and their upcoming digital efforts. The problem is that unless they can find a TV deal in the United States that is more lucrative than POP, it may not be possible to cut costs enough to make the company salvageable long term.

Jarrett's allies in the company believe he is being thrown under the bus as a cost savings measure, not only by trying to avoid paying Jarrett, but also in an effort to renege on an agreement to purchase the GFW assets. Jarrett has a long history of substance issues and his supporters feel that his recent behavior is being blown out of proportion as a smoke screen for Anthem's real agenda; pinch every penny they can.


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