Fight Network Set To Takeover TNA, Why Billy Corgan Is Furious, Full Details On Botched Sale

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Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan

Morale in TNA Wrestling is awful as you can probably imagine but the office has been trying to drum up some positivity and has claimed to certain key talent that the Fight Network is ready, willing and able to buy the company once the lawsuit is cleared up with Bill Corgan. The office indicates that a sale to the Fight Network for both the tape library and the rest of the company will be imminent after the Corgan lawsuit.

It was always Dixie Carter’s preference to keep TNA in tact and a deal to sell the library to WWE and the rest of the company to Billy Corgan was only being done because there was no other choice. Once the Fight Network offered to buy everything, talks with WWE fell apart as Dixie raised the asking price for the library and WWE balked.

The talent we’ve heard from though are rolling their eyes as they've been lied to so many times by the office and no matter how dire the news is, there's always a new story to try to explain why everything will work out just fine. Corgan is absolutely furious that Dixie is trying to back out of selling to him and he's already told people close to him that if TNA ends up shutting down, he would look to start a new promotion with some of the TNA roster.

If Fight Network does buy the company, they're pushing hard to get Alberto Del Rio ASAP, although he continues to be resistant to signing a longterm contract.

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