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Former WWE Champion & Current Main Event Star Accused Of Being Jealous Of The Recent Push Of A Mid-Card Worker; Details On An In-Ring Incident That Happened Between The Two That Did Nothing To Help Their Case, What Management Is Doing About It, Triple H U

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There is some nasty gossip going around backstage WWE following The Miz failing to catch R-Truth on the high-risk spot from last week's Raw Supershow.

Prior to the spot last week there was talk amongst some of the talent as well as members of WWE management that The Miz was jealous of R-Truth's push. From what I'm told many felt like The Miz was not only jealous of Truth's push but that he also disliked the amount of extra attention Vince McMahon was spending on the R-Truth character. The Miz was McMahon's "pet project" this time last year and according to those close to the situation, isn't handling the downgrade well.

There are definitely people who are wondering if The Miz "accidentally" missed Truth on the dive out of the ring, however, my source doesn't believe that to be the case. Nonetheless Miz failing to catch Truth did nothing to help the rumblings that Miz is jealous of Truth's spot. Given the gossip already making rounds, the botched spot couldn't have happened at a worse time.

While I don't know what all was said, The Miz met with Triple H over the spot backstage at last week's show.

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