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Former WWE Champion Eager To Return If Given Certain Assurances

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While much has been written and speculated about the future of Dave Batista in WWE given the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, word making rounds is that he's eager to return. While it's understood Batista will have more doors opened as an actor, he wants to come back before retiring from the ring.

It is true that Batista was not happy with his latest WWE run. He had very little say in his character's booking and argued about the direction that was presented to him. Batista knows the most successful work of his career was as a heel and it's the role he feels more comfortable in.

There is still a possibility that Batista doesn't come back, however, he's still honoring appearances booked on behalf of WWE. To debunk any rumors, the reason WWE didn't make a big deal about his role in Guardians of the Galaxy isn't because of heat, it's because they weren't involved with the film.

One thing Batista wants in his next run with WWE is more control over the direction of his character. He has no problem working live events and television tapings and actually enjoys working those dates. From WWE's standpoint, they're expecting to have him for Wrestlemania 31 next year, however, no plans for the show have been finalized.

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