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Free Premium: Top Indy Star Finally Heading To WWE


Trevor Mann aka Ricochet is on his way to the WWE.

Ricochet, who will be celebrating his 29th birthday on Wednesday, is currently finishing up obligations in NJPW and a few independent promotions and plans to take the month of November off to heal from injuries and go through further training.

He can not legally wrestle for WWE until 90 days after the final episode of Season 3 of Lucha Underground has aired, which means the earliest date that he could appear on WWE TV is Jan. 17th 2018. While legally I can not confirm a pen-to-paper date that a contract can be signed whether that is on Oct. 19th the day after the final contractually obligated LU episode airs or if it is not until January; however, based on the legal wording of his contract, I am under the assumption he could sign on October 19th and just not appear on TV until January.

This could look very much like the Adam Cole deal in which everything is done and handled but the actual signing of the contract and denied by all parties untill the actual signing. Last night Ricochet dropped the IWGP Jr. Tag Team titles, and most whom already did not know about his possible signing then realized they were witnessing the final writing on the wall.

WWE is also planning on finally offering his real-life partner Tessa Blanchard a contract at this time. Tessa has been working with the WWE for some time know but had not yet been offered a contract. Ricochet's best friend Apollo Crews was signed to the WWE in 2015.

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